About the Groups category

General Group are for discussions about the Federation everyone can access. There are a growing number of working groups, some are open for public coment some a private but can be joined on request.

We will be creating a full onboarding process for how to start, join and deliver work effectively together in groups. But for now use your common sense. If you are interested in being on the mobilizing group to help write that guidance let me know!

Mission Group/Broad
The Worker Co-op Council is acting as a Board until we incorporate and leading on the relationship with Co-operatives UK. Meets Monthly on a Tues 14.00.

Business Planning Group:
Focusing on membership proposition, business and financial modeling. Meets fortnightly on a Monday at 11.00

Mobilising Group
Focusing awarness raising, onboarding and upcoming events both online and in person. Meets fortnightely on a Friday 11.20

Communications Group
First meeting in the 23rd Aug. Focusing on comms strategy, name and brand. Lots of practical stuff on the website, copy, design and imagery, newsletter and social media stuff. Longer term - Creating a strategic campaign to raise awareness and promote worker co-operation!

Policy Group
First meeting 23rd Aug. Focusing on internal policy and governance. How we run and organise the working groups, how they co-ordinate and how we build a really effective and inclusive culture.

Digital Infrastructure Group
Focuses on maintaing and developing our website, forums, nextcloud, CiviCRM and other infrastructure.