Demand for a business development peer network

Are you a seasoned business develpment/account manager or someone who has just been lumbered with this sort of role in your worker co-op and you’ve no idea what your doing? Say hello in this thread.

One of the peer networks most requested we set-up is one aimed at people who need to develop business opportunities for their worker co-ops. So if this is you and you are interested in sharing the challenges, insights you’ve gathered, supporting or getting support let us know if there is demand for this sort of peer network and what format it should take. semi regular zoom calls and a place on this forum to discuss and share?


Thank you, John, for the idea. I have some knowledge of how our co-op develops our business. Although I’m not a seasoned professional, I would like to learn from others too. I can probably invite others from my co-op to share their perspective.

Online video calls and a topic in this forum would probably work nicely together.

This is kind of what I am trying to get in to. I recently did the Government funded ‘help to grow’ course at Leeds uni and am still seeing a mentor / coach associated with it (I got the course for free :slight_smile: )
Help to Grow: Management course | Leeds University Business School | University of Leeds

I am therefore now in charge of business development at Lupine and am working through lots of actions that have been thrown up by the course.

You can see how I am getting along here

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