Demand for Food network: retail, wholesale growing

So we have a lot of worker co-ops in food, lots in retail, some in growing and of course 5 large wholesalers so interested in your feedback in how we help you connect. Whether all together or three seperate distinct groups that may overlap every so often.

I’d be very happy to host and do some intial faciliation of meetings (online). But the Agenda absulotely needs to be set by the co-ops in these sectors.

I’m definitely interested in this and i imagine one or two other Unicorn members would be too. I always thought some kind of shared comms/propaganda around food would be something we could do together, but something around dealing with the joys of a)brexit and its effect on importing and b)cost of living/food crisis might be useful too

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I do a bit of marketing for a veg box and it is a member of Better Food Traders, which is a network of local, organic food retailer. We have a quarterly marketing meet up just to swap tips and hear about where others are at. I don’t know if that is something that would interests the worker coops in this sector, but just throwing it out there?

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