Demand for Principle 6: business referral network meetings

If you have ever attended the worker co-op weekend you know we start the event off with a
principle six business referral session:

  1. Who you are
  2. What you do
  3. Why should people do business with you
  4. What you need
  5. And most importantly - > who you want to be introduced to

The objective is not to do business with each other directly (although thats great!) its to put the person person speaking in touch with someone in your own network that may help/do business with them. The idea is to help others, and in turn they may help you “the givers gain principle”.

Should run online meetings?
Our initial thoughts are to do at the same time each month, Thurs or Fri Morning, @ 8.30? or 9.15? for about an hour?

Do you think this is a good idea, would you be interested in attending of even hosting, any comments post here and if there is demand we will set-up a group.

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Yes, and… although it’s good for the people who can make it at the set time, those particular times are likely to exclude parents who drop their kids off at school :slight_smile:

Would it be an idea to rotate days and times to be more inclusive? Or would that be too confusing?

Don’t know as yet they were just some suggestions, i’d probably do a poll of a good start time once we get a core group of people interestedl

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The idea does have merit. I know what I can say about all these items, so I can participate in these meetings. I also agree with rotating days and times.

I also propose to share experience. It can be a separate group, of the same one. Basically, these questions remain the same, if it’s a new group:

  1. Who you are
  2. What you do

Then goes a part about the co-op’s achievements and interesting findings. And the next part, “What you need” can be related to the previous one. So one’s accomplishment can become a way to solve the problems of others.

And you only need to add one question if you want to extend John’s meeting plan, like:

What are your useful achievements and interesting findings [recently]

The one we did in London started at 10:30 to try and allow for this

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I’d attend such a virtual meeting.

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Just to add into this @sion who regularly runs Principle Six events and @d.racionzer who hosts London Networking events with have both expressed an interest in attending and even hosting these sorts of session so look like its a goer.

Based on the intial feedback from here I wonder whether a start time of 9.15 so just at the start of the work day is more likely to get people to attend. This is for the benefit of the business, so should be justifiable on work time?

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