Forum dark mode

Don’t know if it’s the default setting, but I generally see this forum in dark mode - easier on the eye.
Downside: the logo is invisible. It might be beyond discourse to be able to set different logos for light and dark modes, but that would be helpful if possible.

Also, I wasn’t able to post this rather tedious geeky message to only the Digital Infra Group. Maybe it’s down to how things are set up, but it only appeared to offer me an option that also included ‘General Group’, whatever that is. Many apologies to ‘General Group’ readers.

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I agree that it would be good to have a proper set of logo’s at some point, the ones required can be seen in this screenshot from the admin interface (view the full image here):

Screenshot 2022-08-13 at 11-25-29 Admin - forum

One key thing to get right is the square logo being a crop from the left of the rectangular one, this is because the images are swapped when long threads are scrolled, for example see this CoTech thread, at the very top the retangular image is used (PNG 673x259px) and as you scroll down it is swapped for the square logo (PNG 259x259px).

Is anyone in a position to produce the required images and post them to this thread so we can update the logo settings in the admin interface? Note that the sizes suggested in the admin interface should probably be multiplied by three.

Now we have a new logo:


I’d be happy to update this forum to use it, however I’m unsure how best to create a square logo from it (see the requirements above), does anyone have any suggestions regarding how best to do this?