General Circle Group

It’s been discussed on todays worker fed webinar, hosted by Cath, that we create a default or general group that all nextcloud users are added to when joining in order to access content intended for all users such as individual circle minutes etc, without having to share folders and files to each named person.

I propose the following group be created for all users:
General Circle

Please let me know if everyone is happy for this to be done or if you have any questions or objections.

Liam :slightly_smiling_face:


As someone very new coming into both the group and the tech, that suggestion makes a lot of sense to me. Thanks all for the very useful webinar on Wednesday. Megan

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Makes sense to me. I use Nextcloud for my own needs so do have a little experience in using it.

Great but can you call it the general group. Ive had feedback to cut lingo to a minimum, “circle” is just confusing some people. So better just to refer to all these things as groups

No problem, I’ll call it General Group, unless anyone has objections

This is a good idea, thanks Liam.

Another reason to avoid ‘circle’: Nextcloud has a feature called ‘Circles’, some kind of user-created group: it could get confusing

Everyone has now been added to the “General Group”
All new users will automatically be added to this group.

When wanting to share content with the group, pleas ensure you tag/add “General Group” to your shared content within the “Sharing” tab.

If you have any questions, please message anyone in the Digital Infrastructure team or myself or tag us in this thread.

Have a good evening everyone :slight_smile: