Group/circle email addresses

Would it be possible for us to have group email addresses for working circles?

For example allows everyone in governance and policy circle to email whole group?

I’d suggest creating a mailbox for email addresses like this and then using the SOGo interface to add forwards for the mailbox to each circle member that would like one, this way there would be one central place with all the emails recieved by the circle address can be found and it would also allow emails to be sent using the circle address.

Myself and @john have access to create mailboxes on the domain, however it might make more sense to use Discourse for communications like this, people can set their Discourse notifications on a group basis.


OK let’s see if Discourse fits the bill but the workaround also seems fairly simple.

I couldn’t reply to this by email BTW - had to access directly in Forum.

Is that because you didn’t get a email to reply to? If that is the case then you might need to adjust your preferences, by default emails are not sent if you are detected to be recently active on the forum using the web interface.

Or is it because there was a problem when you tried to reply to an email you recieved from the forum?

It’s a bounce on a reply to the notification emails host[] said: 550 relay not permitted (in reply to RCPT
TO command)

This is a test of the reply-by-email function to see if it is working…

Thanks for reporting this @coopsmark the issue was a mistake I made (using a , rather than a ; to seperate domain names in a file on, which is a anti-spam mail relay), I believe it is now fixed.

Test reply - fingers crossed

Yup seems to be working my end. Cheers Chris

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