Group level admin can't add new member to group

Hi, I’m trying to get add to a new user to the Business Planning group, however I get the error “An error occured during the request. Unable to proceed.”. I believe the user already has an account but I can’t see a full list of already registered users, only those from the groups I’m a member of.

The aspiring user is me BTW

Is this for Discourse or Nextcloud?

Nextcloud, i get the same error so i may need dome training on it chris from you as not managed to add anyone yet always get that error

We can add him from the admin side if needs be, unless @chris has already sorted this out for you?

Go for it @liam, I’ve not done anything.

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Hey @coopsmark, looks like you’re already a member of the “Business Planning” group on Nextcloud.

Let us know if you’re having issues accessing shared content within this group.


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Also @liam you have SSH access and sudo, to become the cloud user and run occ:

sudo -i
su - cloud
cd sites/nextcloud
php occ status
php occ list
php occ user:list

And so forth…

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