How to share a public calendar?

Hi folks - I’ve set up two calendars using the NextCloud calendar function.

One is straightforward - the mobilising circle calendar, which is shared with the mobilising group.
But the other is ‘events, public stuff’ and I want everyone with a login to be able to see it by clicking on the calendar icon, and i want people who’ve been sent the link to be able to see it.

However, when I shared this link ( this is what happened:

  • the other person clicked on the link and arrived at a ‘service unavailable’ page

  • they then copied and pasted it into the address field and got to download an ics file and download events, but that is a) complicated and offputting, b) not actually sharing the calendar on an ongoing basis as far as i can tell?

Can someone help please? cheers,

To be clear, when you say 'i want people who’ve been sent the link to be able to see it" I’m assuming you expect them to see the online Nextcloud calendar, broadly as you see it, in their browser, with the events in this public calendar visible to them?

In my experience that’s not how this stuff works, but I may be wrong. In similar scenarios I’ve generally provided people with urls that they can subscribe to or import into their own calendar software.

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On further investigation, it looks like the public link to this calendar is actually which does take the unauthenticated user to a web page view of the calendar. Which is nice.

There is also the ability to copy an embed string that creates an iframe, which presumably can be embedded in a page on the WP website.

I think the link you’ve posted is for .ics file of the calendar data that can be imported into a CalDav compliant calendar tool.

Thats a great idea cath. We should ask group secretaries to always invite that calendar to any group meetings so we can try and reduce double bookings and get a sense of how many meetings are taking place across the federation