Joining and SSO workflow

At the event in Manchester last week it was confirmed that members of will be worker co-ops (not individuals), so would I be correct in assuming that we are aiming for a workflow something like:

  1. applies to join, pays the membership fee and indicates that individual worker members of their co-op have email addresses in the form
  2. The membership is approved and we (manually or automatically?) allow account creation on the (yet to be decided) SSO platform for any email address.
  3. Worker members of can then sign up for accounts using their work email addresses and this will then grant them access to platforms such as Nextcloud and so on.

Does that sound about right @AthertonJohn @Graham ?

I have tested out an open source SSO solution and currently have it working with our own (MediaBlaze Hosts) WordPress sites and working on adding other applications so that I’m best prepared to implement something for when the time is right, happy to do a show and tell if anyone’s interested :blush:

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That would be great if possible, and yes the member is the organisation but we want the ability for any of their worker members to log-in in their own right.

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