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We have a Nextcloud instance at for office / internal documents, in the future we hope to have a centralised account management system but that isn’t yet functioning so in the meantime please post requests for accounts below, stating your name and co-op (and email address if you want it to be a different one from the one you used to create an account here).

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Hi all - i’ve been trying to help the mobilisation team get onto NextCloud and have been quite confused about who can see what (most of them couldn’t see anything shared, which has now been rectified). After some help from Michael Unicorn and Chris WebArch, here is my proposal:

That when anyone arrives at their default home screen/directory thing, they should be able to see the following folders:
— ZZ Personal docs & Nextcloud info (which contains all the default folders & docs you can currently see)
— AA General Shared Docs (which contains all the docs and shared folders that are currently in ‘Workers’ and anything else in the future)
— any team folders that are visible to them because they’ve been added to a particular group.


  1. Is it possible to change the defaults to match this?
  2. Is it possible that everything created (groups/folders/docs) doesn’t have Chris’ avatar/label on it, even though he hasn’t created it? That’s pretty confusing too.

Thanks lovely tech people :slight_smile:

oh, by the way, i’ve also been made an admin, so i can add users. I think this is a good thing for all the people on the mobilising team to be able to do, as they are out there making the connections and getting people engaged. Obviously mobilisers need to be well trained for this to work.

FYI you can find the list of admins by clicking the shortcut to your profile in the top right of the screen > Settings (in the drop down menu) > Privacy (left hand column) and the admins are listed under ‘Who has access to your data?’. There are options to email or direct message. Hope that helps.


Hi @chris, could you create an account for me please?

  • Jack Lord
  • Open Data Services


Have done, your username is jack and I have added you to the General Group, you can request a password reset at this URL:

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Hi @chris !

I hope you’re well.

Could you set me up an account on please?

Many thanks!


Sure, no problem, I’ve created an account for you, you should be able to request a password reset via the login page.

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