Peer network: Governance

A place to talk about all things governance, what it is, how to engage members in it, how to improve it in your worker co-op.

How do coops afford the time and resources required for genuine participation, while staying competitive as a business (or financially sustainable)?
How do we include all members, when such disparity exists in society?

Interesting question. What do you spend the money on that would have gone to an over paid executive team, Directors and Shareholders if you had have been a private company? I think Unicorn did some analysis of their wage bill a while ago that highlighted it was broadly the same as if they were a private business, just spread out more equally.

So is it fair to say the difference between the members wage and what it would have been if they were in a private business is a payment for being a member and carrying out the job of a member?

If a worker co-op is paying itself less than a private sector equicilent then I supose thats another question, they need to look at investing in there productivity/captial.


I think the difference is that most over paid executive teams, directors and shareholders feel that their views are valid and that they deserve to be heard. There is work to be done to ensure all workers feel like that, especially if they have not been offered a voice in the past.

There is a lot of readjustment and training needed for some workers, in order to have the confidence and understanding to articulate their views.


It would be great to share models of governance in use… small, medium & big worker co-ops.
PLUS… what works & what does not work.
I am not sure if a Forum is the best place to do this or not. Alternatively, could there be a “library” of shared knowledge ?

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on the “library” we can upload to /resources or create a folder in Nextcloud. I’d quite like to look into the idea of a wiki or something for collaboratively updating a knowledgebase, but haven’t settled on the best way to do that.