Regional face-to-face meeting to discuss in the autumn?

Would it be feasible to organise some regional (for example Yorkshire) face-to-face meeting to discuss the plans for in the autumn?


That would be good, for example us in Northamptonshire would welcome a meet up local to us.


I’d be up for this. Calderdale Co-operative Association could likely host this in Calderdale.


I think this is a good idea and would be useful in other regions too.


Yep this is a great idea, as we move from awareness raising to decision making phases. I’d also suggest a bit if a formal mass meeting online as well.


hi John - could Daily Bread host a get together? Would also be good to have one in Cambridge :slight_smile:

Or Northampton, which is where we are. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yep, we can have as many as the there is demand for and we can get people to volunteer to run.

Do we know how many worker coops are in and around northampton?

Hi John,
Actually I don’t know. If you have a list please pass that on to us. From that I can match it up with the few I know. I have also posted on our Facebook page asking for any. From that I may hopefully get a up to date list.
Our CDA disappeared many years ago so have been out of touch for some time.
Would the Worker Co-op forum accept Community Co-ops as members?


According to the list I have, the other extant worker co-ops in Northampton is an electricians called Goodsons and South Court Environmental ltd. No idea if its up to date, I downloaded it off Co-ops UK website a while back

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Hi @johnclarke - we’ll be accepting worker-led co-ops into membership. So if the co-op is largely controlled by the workers then it’s eligible. Proper criteria not defined yet… What did you have in mind re: community co-ops?

I was thinking of for example housing co-ops & community groups that are owned and for the benefit of the local community.

But this may be some way down the road after we have built up a solild base and direction.

hello! We have two regional get-togethers lined up and are very happy to facilitate co-ops hosting more: info & sign up:

  • Manchester, Friday 21 October, 4.30 or 5ish - 9pm, Green Fish Resource Centre
    This one follows directly on from the ‘Ways Forward: Co-operation for Climate Solutions’ event, 20 & 21 Oct,
  • Glasgow, Thursday 27 October, 2-5pm More info

If you want to help organise events in London or Bristol, I can put you in touch with people there who are working on it. If your co-op wants to host your own local or regional event, say so below and we’ll get in touch about making it happen.

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@johnclarke seems like it would be nice to have a general Northants or wider get together of all kinds of co-ops and have sessions within that on eg developments in the housing co-op sector, new fed, what’s happening with community co-ops etc. Be nice for each sector to hear what the others are up to, and maybe to get a few co-op advisors or recently trained barefoot people along to share what they know about coop development. What do you think?

I’m keen for one taking place in Yorkshire (or even just South Yorkshire) in November or early December and I could take on contacting workers co-ops in Sheffield about it but I don’t feel like I could take on organising the whole event, @coopsmark does your offer still stand?

I can raise it with Calderdale Co-operative Association if people are interested. I’m sure we’d be happy to co-ordinate the venue side of things if it were in Calderdale.