Request to allow MC3 to set-up CIVICRM on our server

Hi Digital Infrastructure Group, I had approached Platform 6 for a donation but instead Graham of MC3 has offered to do some pro-bono work “sponsored” by P6 instead.

The mobilising group are asking for a CRM and I will need one for membership anyway. Graham says he has worked with Chris before on hosting and integrating CIVICRM into Wordpress so I’m suggesting we use his time to set-up Civi CRM hosted on our web arch’s server? if that is ok with you?

The suggestions is Graham works with me on the 17-18th Aug to do initial set-up and show me the ropes, we can then assess if this is the right longer term solution. I used Civi years ago when Co-operatives UK used it as its CRM so my sense is it will do the job.

Sure, no problem, @Graham do you need anything other than your SSH public keys adding to the account that is hosting WordPress and an additional MariaDB?

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2 databases please Chris (one for Civi and one for detailed logging - which I think will be of value here). I assume I can find db password and suchlike once in there. And I’ll need an admin account on the WP install. Ta.

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@Graham I’ve added your public keys to the WordPress account, give this a try:


I’ve added two additional databases:

mysql -e "show databases"
| Database           |
| information_schema |
| wp                 |
| wp_civicrm         |
| wp_metrics         |

The MariaDB account details are in ~/.my.cnf the WordPress site is in ~/sites/wp and I have added a WordPress admin account for you, you should be able to request a password reset here.

Is there any email configuration required, for example do you need a email account and perhaps the PHP sendmail_from configuration variable, see the documentation, should be set for this account to match the email account to improve deliverability?

I’ve also invited you to join the workers group at as this is where the repo with all the Ansible to configure the servers is hosted.


I’m getting: Permission denied (publickey).

The keys look good though.

In terms of email, we’ll need one, possibly two - subject to how we want to set things up - accounts. The main one is for handling bounces from mail sent from the CRM. I normally use return@ - it relies on VERP.

In terms of outgoing mail I assume you’ll already have a general email account for the domain that we can send from. I can just configure that within Civi to send via SMTP.

Oops, sorry I had omitted to add the wp user to AllowGroups, try now?

I’ll create a email account and send you the login details. The WordPress site is confgured to send email out using

wp option get ig_es_from_email

And that is currently an alias for but it can be changed so something else if needed, perhaps it should be set so bounces go to

It would make sense to add another alias for CiviCRM? There is a general email account, that email address could be used :man_shrugging: .

Sending outgoing unauthenticated email via SMTP on port 25 or via /usr/sbin/sendmail should be fine.

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OK. I’m in now. Thanks

On email I’ll work with John to work out a sensible strategy. Thanks for the info.

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Great, he has the ability to create and edit mailboxes and alises on the domain.

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Hi @AthertonJohn - a mild spanner in the works: I’ve just become aware that I totally misled you about when I am going to be about. I thought I was on hols 6-14 Aug, but that’s not true as it turns out. I’m actually away 11-21 Aug, which menas that the planned session/s 17-18 Aug ain’t going to work. Apologies for messing you about.
I do have access to the server, and I’m looking to get the basics installed and running in the course of the next week, so it might be possible to at least do a bit of stuff with you before I go, subject to your own availability of course. Otherwise I think we’re going to have to push things back to the end of the month. Let me know what’s workable.

No worries, emailed you some fresh dates.

I just saw this message at this URL:

Screenshot 2022-10-12 at 15-57-52 – What are we up to

@Graham let me know what exactly is needed in terms of a cron job and I can get it setup.

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Hi Chris. I commonly set these up to use the CiviCRM command line tool cv but that’s not installed on the server.

I’ve got it working now using a remote HTTP call, but I think it’s better set up locally. If you can install cv for the wp user that would be good. Here’s blurb on that: CLI Installer - CiviCRM Installation Guide - CiviCRM Documentation

Otherwise we could use wp-cli if that’s available.

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Thanks @Graham the server does now have cv installed (I have just updated our cv Ansible role to fix a bug with the version check) and I have also upgraded wp to the latest version:

cv --version
cv v0.3.27
wp --version
WP-CLI 2.7.0

Let me know if you would like me to configure a cron job via Ansible.