Support Ticket System

Hey everyone,

Following our call on @leedscath webinar the other day, I had put it out there that we might benefit from an IT Support ticketing system.

At the moment all issue are being raised here within discourse, which is fine, but it might help the Digital Infrastructure Team to manage requested and issues better.

I’d be happy to set this up pro-bono, but wanted to gage interest in having something like this.

Liam :slight_smile:


Would the Discourse ticket plugin be suitable?

I’d be led by what works for you lot

The discourse one looks a little complicated for users to submit but I could be wrong as I’ve not used it in the past.

I was thinking either osticket ( or hesk (

I’ve had experience in both and find them easy for the end user, with the ability to check up on submitted tickets progress (by entering the ticket reference), plus (if we were to choose) there wouldn’t be another area to login to, just a simple form, where we can request basic information.

But let me know what you think. :slight_smile:

I’d be tempted to keep the platoforms to a minimum so if Discourse can do the job, it would be better to use that one (or if nextcloud has one?)

I agree with this but also @liam is probably right regarding the Discourse plugin, could we try creating a “Issues” category here to start with and if that becomes unmanagable then look at what other options there are (for example could the CiviCRM install @Graham be used for this?).

Happy to try an issues thread, have my reservations as to how overcrowded it may be once there’s more users, but look forward to seeing if @Graham can add this into to CiviCRM :slight_smile:

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Civi can support a ticket/case management type workflow, but it would take a bit of time to set up, and I’m not convinced that this is best use of resource currently. So I’d suggest just using this forum for that and see where that gets us. At least then we’ll be able to gauge the volume and nature of the tickets, so that if we do need to build something we’ll have a grasp of the shape of it.

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