This forum is online, what next?

I have to drive to London now, I’ll be able to spend some more time on this later in the week, some things to think about:

  • Is the forum email working?
  • Who can create a logo?
  • Who needs admin accounts?
  • How open should this forum be, we can have it all open, all closed or a mixture of both

Hello, World :wave: Thanks for getting this up & running :metal:

I am down to do some low-key admin & maintenance if needed (like in CoTech world).

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That’s great :+1:

Could you try replying to this thread by email, I think it should now be working but there is nothing like a test to confirm things!

Testing testing testing, replying as requested to allow @chris to test reply-by-email

Cheers, however it turned out that the forum didn’t have the option to enable email list mode enabled, it has now and I’ve enabled it for myself, so if you post another reply to this thread I should get a email to test replying by email…

And this is a test of the reply by email…

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btw the logo doesn’t work in dark mode

Based on this post we probably need something like a 976x264px logo, from which I can crop a 264x264px logo, see for example the rectangular CoTech logo and the square version.