Want to join a working group?

Quite a few of our working groups are up and running so if you want to get involved, get your hands dirty then check out the below. If you are not already involved in these group, post in this thread if you want to be and particuarly area you may want to volunteer your time.

The driver for that group will be in touch. More info available in our Handbook

Mission Group/Broad
The Worker Co-op Council is currently acting as a Board until we incorporate,. Focusing on key decisions and the relationship with Co-operatives UK. Currently meets Monthly on a Tues. Sorry can’t join this yet there will be proper elections and all that next year.

Business Planning Group:
Focusing at the moment on business model, financial modeling and the membership proposition. Currently meets fortnightly on a Monday at 11.00

Mobilising Group
Focusing at the moment on our awarness raising online sessions, the format and organising some phyiscal events. There is also a lot of work coming up on contacting worker co-operators not aware of what is going on and to build our data on the sector.

Communications Group
Organising their first meeting here will be focusing on comms strategy, name and brand. Lots of practical stuff on the website, copy, design and imagery. We will also want to start doing a newsletter and social media stuff. Longer term - Creating a proper strategic campaign to raise awareness and promote worker co-operation!

Policy Group
This group will be focusing on internal policy and governance. How we run and organise the working groups, how they co-ordinate and how we build a really effective and inclusive culture.

Digital Infrastructure Group
This was the first one to set-up. It focuses on building and maintaining our key infrastructure from the website hosting to this forum. We are also intergrating CiviCRM into our wordpress so any volunteers very welcome.

There are a few more groups we need to set-up, next on the list will be:

  • Forum Moderation and community management
  • Campaigns, Advocacy and Policy

Hi @AthertonJohn,

I’m new to the world of co-ops, I joined media co-op (Glasgow) last year. My background is in graphic & digital design with some motion graphics experience too. So if I can be of any help to the Communications Group I’d be up for that!

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Great stuff I’ll send you the invite to the next meeting which is on the 23rd Aug you don’t need to attend that to do work in the group but it us useful to get a sense of what is going on.

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Hi, I’ve just came across this project in the last couple of days and it sounds really exciting - I’m keen to work out how I could be helpful! Particularly interested in supporting the work of the Mobilising Group.

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Hi John
I’m happy to assist the Policy Group if extra help needed. Thanks, Al

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thx Alison I have much you in touch with the lead via email.