Workers Co-op Weekend 2024 Lift Sharing

This is a thread for people offering and needing lefts to the 2024 Workers Co-op Weekend.

I’ll be driving from Sheffield and would be able to give some people a lift from Sheffield or for people further afield that want to get a train to Sheffield.

I’ll be driving from Sheffield to North Manchester on Friday morning to pick Liam up and I’ll be heading back the same way, if people need transport from Sheffield I suggest the bus service from Sheffield to Bakewell.

I’m getting a +/- 9 seater minibus from London (Bethnal Green) leaving around 10am Fri 17th and returning after lunch on Sunday 19th. Reply here to book!


Are we going in your DeLorean, Chris? :wink:

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I’m afraid not! The date has been corrected in the top post. :roll_eyes:

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I would like to join the minibus.

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People travelling from London -
There are still free places in a minibus going from London Bethnal Green at 10am on Friday 17th, returning the afternoon of Sunday 20th. If you want to book a seat, please email sion[at]

Is anyone driving through Birmingham or near enough? @Sion?

Loaf bakery (Birmingham) are doing our bread so there’s 40 loaves in large flour bags that need to be transported! They’re ready for collection from 12pm on the Friday 17th

Not me, probably going straight up the M1 so could pick up at e.g. Leicester Forest East services if you could somehow make it over there for about 12.30?

Sorry just read about the bread :wink: