Article in 'The European' about worker co-ops

With people’s finances coming under as much pressure as the environment, Marcelo Vieta and George Cheney explore whether worker cooperatives are the answer

I mean, I definitely wouldn’t have shortened worker co-ops to ‘WCs’ but otherwise, might be worth referencing (and I might buy their book!)

The interrelated economic, social, political, and environmental crises of our age make less-hierarchical and highly participatory organisations like WCs all the more relevant and urgent. For us, worker co-ops approach an ideal work organisation. They thrive during crises better than many conventional firms because of their ownership and governance forms. Collective property and democratic decision-making are central to them. These structures make them strong and firmly rooted in their local communities, less likely to pick up shop and move elsewhere. Their economic and social forms of democracy also make them more agile and more organisationally resilient.