Congress 2024 - session

Are we doing anything at Congress this year?
I assume Coops UK will give us a slot again?

If there are no proposals or ideas for this already, in the spirit of last year could we invite YCN - if they don’t have their own youth slot - to take over our slot in a joint youth-led / event about young people and worker co-operation?

Or a session on wider engagement, inviting general delegates to tell us how we as could engage better to let people know about worker co-operation in their sectors / regions / areas of expertise ?

Just making it up as I go along … to get the ball rolling.

Not much capacity to organise anything right now but wanted us to get a marker down to do something at the minimum. We got a great turnout last year.

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Their Youth Summitt is happening at the same time so I did mention we’d be happy to help with any sessions at that part of the Conference. But no-one got in touch with me and I moved onto other priorities. So if there is interest, do reach out to them.

So, do we have a slot?

Does anyone else have thoughts on either this slot or liaising with YCN
@rossh @Buncey etc?

No, like i said, I asked if they wanted us to be involved and no-one came back with a “yes” and I never chased it beyond that initial ask. So by all mean contact their events team.

by ‘they’ do you mean YCN … or Coops UK?

Coops UK as it’s their event not sure what role YCN has in it.

Is it too late to ask CUK to have a -led session?
If we can cobble something together?

We get a free place at Congress on that day if we do if we’re involved - which is gold dust to some of us!

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@louise Sorry both for the slow response - I find this system harder to navigate than Loomio!
The YCN currently has no involvement with the CUK Youth Summit this year. We ran identical workshops at both Congress and Youth Summit last year and took away the fact that young people want their own event, hence the Young Cooperators Weekend (24th to 26th May 2024).

Ah that’s a shame but entirely understandable. Very interested in your Weekend goes after its done.