Coop members engagement strategies for established coop

We are a long established coop but sometimes struggle to get full participation from our members in wider coop issues, does anyone have any great strategies that we can try to get more take up?

Hey @MarkB, welcome! :wave:

Would be good to know more in terms of:

  1. The kind of participation you want
  2. What you’ve tried so far

A lot of our work centres around an Architecture of Participation which we’ve iterated over the last decade. This might help? There are some examples on our blog, including this one about applying it to an Open Source project.

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Hello Mark,

I’d be happy to talk through some of the issues with you - email me with background info about your co-op, I’ll take a look & we can set up a phone or zoom call.
But I’m off next week, so it would need to be after 15th March.
Also check my website for meetings tips & techniques for improving participation.
Churs (I’m from Bristol :grinning:)

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Thanks for this really useful