Deptford's Matchstick Piehouse is fundraising to become a workers' co-op

Anyone come across this news or helping them out? @Sion @d.racionzer


Next time I’m in London I’ll pop in - with Ceramics Coop? - to do solidarity, I stay very locally to them but haven’t been there - yet!
Thanks for notification.

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They are right next door to us, but I’ve never met anyone from there. The venue is closed for days now, so no reall opportunity. I’ve been to the place under previous ownership. Anyone from Solidfund reaching out to them? Are we aware if there is any cooperative development worker helping them?
Tatiana - Ceramics Coop, Deptford

At the bottom of their new kickstarter it says they are having a fundraiser at the Fox and Firkin on the 17th March.

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Here’s another venue which people are trying to turn into a workers coop : Bring the 13th Note under workers' ownership! | Megaphone UK might be worth inviting some of these people to WCW if there are still bursaries outstanding?


yep still time, send them to sion’s Principle six email address has he is facilating the bursary’s