Events: All hands 12.00 30th Nov

Our next All Hands takes place at 12.00 on 30th Nov, the focus of this session will be a report back from the Research Group and a deeper dive into our Vision and Mission. Faciliated by Kiri and Owen.,

Zoom link


  • Introduction to the Research Group
  • The Autumn Assembly workshop: what we did
  • Developing our vision
  • Developing our mission
  • Feedback from Autumn Assembly workshop
  • Call to action


Hey all, unfortunately I won’t be able to make this, as I have an interview (of a catalonian physio co-operative!) but I requested a short discussion on the possibility of taking ownership of some shares on behalf of Solidfund. I’m happy to have a quick chat about it on the phone with one of the facilitators before hand if that would help things run smoothly. Sorry I can’t make it (also seems likely @Sion can’t either, who is one of the other proposers).

Thanks for hosting and presenting for this meeting @kiri.langmead you did a great job :slight_smile: .

The SolidFund discussion @seanfarmelo references above is here: I don’t think there should be any problem with owning shares on behalf of SolidFund.

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