Events: COODING conference, Bologna, 29-30 September

Our European federation, CECOP, invites UK cooperators to the
COODING event | 29- 30 September 2023 | Bologna (Italy)

CECOP invites you to the conference: COODING - discussing & enhancing cooperation around the use of digital and new technologies in cooperatives.

CECOP together with Fondazione Centro Studi Doc ETS, Fondazione Pico, and AlmaVicoo, is organising COODING, an event on new and digital technologies for cooperators around the globe.

COODING aims to encourage the cooperative movement to take a stand on the implication of the use of technology and learn how to use it on its own favour. Cooperation among cooperatives is part of our DNA, for this reason the event will explore how digital and tech cooperatives could help other cooperatives to digitalize.

COODING wants to give cooperators the chance to discuss about new technologies with their fellow cooperators and learn from experts in the field, but also to engage into B2B or mentorship activities. The ultimate goal is to improve the cooperatives movement’s ability to seize the opportunities it offers.

If you are interested in joining us in Bologna and take part in this unique opportunity for intercooperation: don’t hesitate and click on the button below to register and learn more !


The page about this event on the European confederation of industrial and service cooperatives (CECOP) site has a link for registration and more details:

The program is in this PDF:

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@Sion has suggested a SolidFund proposal to fund:

say 2 people up to £500 each on receipted travel/accommodation costs, using this opener to ask for expressions of interest (why they want to go, what they feel they can contribute to/learn from the event, and how they will report back (to Solidfund/CoTech/ since they would be going with’s CICOPA membership imprimatur!); then the formal proposal with two people namned in the proposal?

So the next step would be to see who is interested and able to attend, I’ve said that I would on the CoTech forum, @Sion has suggested that we should also ask tech workers in workers co-ops that are not members of CoTech here — is anyone here interested?

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Hey I would be interested in this, although if others from more relevant sectors were interested too that is fine. I had been strongly considering heading to the GKN cargo bike launch meeting which is also going to be the formation of an Italian bike co-op network. But haven’t committed yet because of the long distance travel. The GKN meeting is happening in Florence on the 30th, and looking at the COODING conference the 30th is more recreational and the main agenda is on the 29th so it fits well to attend both.

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@seanfarmelo that sounds like a good plan!

In fact it might be worth having a separate SolidFund proposal for you to attend both events?

Note that @Sion’s suggestions for a SolidFund proposal just for the COODING conference have not yet been met and to be honest might never be (I don’t see how we are going to come up with “the formal proposal with two people namned”) — so there might not be a SolidFund proposal for a vote for travel and accommodation for the COODING conference at all.

@seanfarmelo @chris I’d be happy to draft a proposal for up to £1,500/£500per person receipted expenses for up to 3 people from to attend and participate in the GKN meeting and the COODING event. Suggest we say if the proposal is accepted, the process would be for people wanting to go to post say a <200 word personal statement on the decision thread explaining what they think they would contribute, and there should be a report back requirement (say a one-pager reflecting on what happened and what the next steps look like). If there are more than 3 expressions of interest, those members go into a huddle to decide which of them goes, and/or whether to split the £ more than 3 ways. How does that sound?
I think those going should be members (or members of members) of both SF and, and the reporting should be in both forums, as COODING is a CECOP event and GKN is a live thing for CECOP and our Legacoop Lavoro colleagues in Italy.


Sounds good to me :+1: .

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Thanks for posting a vote for the funding for travel and accommodation for the COODING conference @Sion :slight_smile: .

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The funding proposal above has been agreed by Solidfund members in their decision thread on Loomio, which is where people who want to be supported to go need to put their <100 word pitch. It’s open to anyone who is a member of both and Solidfund. Anyone who thinks they are a Solidfund member but who hasn’t yet joined the Loomio group, and thinks they should go, shout here!

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Update 1 September:
" We are excited to announce that the programme has been updated to offer even more opportunities and value! The event is organised by the CECOP, Fondazione PICO , Fondazione Centro Studi Doc and AlmaVicoo, and now offers additional benefits for participants. COODING will offer cooperators the opportunity to discuss and improve cooperation on the use of digital and new technologies in line with cooperative principles and values.

What to expect:

  • Conference with expert speakers
  • Thematic workshops to improve your digital skills
  • A cooperative trade fair to explore the latest innovations
  • The opportunity to engage with expert mentors

The event is aimed at all members of the cooperative movement, from cooperatives to cooperative representative organisations, key stakeholders in the Italian, European and global cooperative movement, academics and policy makers.

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity for growth and learning in the world of cooperatives in digital. Would you like to participate?

Here is more information on the programme and how to register: CECOP

Join us and together we will advance the future of cooperatives in digital!"

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" Dear CECOP members,

As you know on 29 and 30 of September CECOP is co-organising the event COODING - discussing & enhancing cooperation around the use of digital and new technologies in cooperatives in the city of Bologna, Italy.

This event is an opportunity for the cooperative movement to take a stand on the implications of the use of technology and learn how to use it in its own favour.

COODING wants to give cooperators the chance to discuss new technologies with their fellow cooperators and learn from experts in the field, but also to engage in B2B or mentorship activities. This is the first event of this kind with an international scope and, hopefully, the first of many such events in the future.

We need your help in spreading the word among your cooperatives. They are the main actors of this event.

If needed, CECOP has a budget available to cover part of the travel costs of 8 persons, on a first come first served basis, who will engage to attend also our working group on non-standard work that will take place on Saturday 30 afternoon.

More information about the event can be found here.

The registration form here.

Promotional email attached.

Latest programme here.

The event venue can host a limited number of participants, thus we strongly advise those interested to register as soon as possible.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you!

Francesca Zaganelli

@Sion I merged your new thread on this event into this one as there didn’t seem to be a need for two thread for it, I hope that is OK.

woulda done it myself if I knew how…