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Hiya, spotted a non worker co-op listed on the worker co-ops map. When I click “Report an error” it just takes me to their listing. No opportunity to report that it isn’t a worker co-op.

Try to use this form:

Or raise it directly with @Colm ?

I’ll raise with Colm. All the form does is allow you to add or amend details, not request removal because it’s not a worker co-op

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Thanks. That’s not a use-case that has not been addressed as yet.

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Yeah its not clear, the assumption is everything on the list “was” a co-op originally.

You can submit the form and request a change to “type of organisation” so maybe we add “not a co-op” to that drop down as a clearer way to say this is no longer a co-op (or was never a co-op in the first place).

There is a seperate field to differentiate between worker and self-employed, but again maybe that isn’t clear enough. We didn’t want to start collecting all types of co-ops, as that is for Co-operatives UK.


Case in point is down as self employed and it is not. It’s a CDA that is a secondary/community co-op hybrid and not a worker co-op.

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For now I’ve removed, from them from the directory.

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