Free Carboard/Plastic Baler and Compressor?


Unicorn Grocery have finished use of a compressed-air baler and would like to offer the complete set to a worker co-op that would be able to arrange their own collection in as near a future as possible.

The details of the baler can be found here and the compressor here.

The baler has seen many years yet is functional and the ‘low-noise’ compressor has still some months left on its two-year warranty. The former can be moved around with a pump truck and the latter has its own wheels.

Hey are these still available? @worcoex we might be after them both for Birmingham Bike Foundry / Stirchley Coop. I was also wondering if there would be any mileage in Suma picking it up from Manchester and dropping it at Loaf next time they do a Birmingham run to Loaf as it’s just down the road from us :thinking: Try use the coop supply chain…

Thanks, Sean.