Guide to using the forum

This is a wiki page to pull together guidance on using the forum:

The main way we structure the forum is through categories

Public access

  • News and annoucements - For general news and annoucements members of this forum may be interested. Use common sense and flag any spam you find.
  • Jobs and P6 - Post jobs, tenders, requests to work with others etc
  • Questions - Questions about worker co-ops

Member only

  • Member Discussion - For posts only for members, say you want to consult, share info, organise etc
  • Working groups - Each of our working groups have their own sub-group within General
  • Peer networks - Opportunity to network with others in similar locations, with similar co-ops, roles, or interests.

We currently operate freeform tagging, so use your commons sense but some obvious ones:

  • event - To post about events
  • meta - post specifically about this forum and how it works.

Some tags are only useable by worker members

  • important - for priority posts you need to bring to peoples attention
  • consultation - a request for feedback or consultation from try to limit these tags to General Group so only members can respond