Heard of disco.coop?

Randomly came across About | DisCO.coop

“DisCO.coop is the organization stewarding the development and implementation of DisCO methodologies and toolsDisCO.coop is als0 the “brand” name, hashtag and what we use in social media to distinguish us from other platforms…”

So for a fairly uptight Brit that i am, I found it a bit US cringey, but an interestly example of creating a specific brand of co-op to appeal to a specific audience.

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I attended a presentation about this at a CoTech event a few years ago, it would be good if something like this could be done at a workers.coop event at some point in the future.

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Yay, I can reply now!

Yes, we know them quite well. It is coming out of Guerrilla Translation in Spain (not America). DiSCO is the model they have developed for their own internal democracy and they have made it into an open source democratic ‘technology’ that other groups can use. There are a few groups using it now around the world I believe.

A couple of us did a bit of a study group on one of the big explainer documents and we hosted Guerrilla Translation in one of our Conversations with Gamechangers webinars where they also talked about this. We had some issues with the video tech but a link to that should be coming soon, extremely belatedly.