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Can you help save Brixton Cycles?

It’s no surprise to anyone that times have been tough in the bicycle industry since the cost of living crisis. While we have strived to provide the best service to all our customers and kept our crew on a sustainable wage, our business has been suffering this year (2023 was our worst financial year for 20 years).

Towards the end of 2023, the lights went out, literally. A three-week external electrical fault brought us to our knees. Our insurance has covered some of the loss of earnings and the damaged equipment but not all of it. We kept our doors open and did our best to repair bikes with the aid of head torches, but we are, in all honesty, struggling to bounce back.

Now we are asking humbly for some help. Our target amount is 30k. This corresponds with about 3-4 weeks of loss of earnings from our power outage. This amount would help us to get through and bounce back.

We have served the community for 40 years and would love to continue to do so and be at the heart of Brixton’s independent shopping experience.

Find out more about the Brixton Cycles history .

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Much love,

The Brixton Cycles Team


Thanks for sharing.

Do you know if there is a deadline on this?

I don’t, I found no public information about it.

It’s £500 to go, almost there. I am so excited for the BC :star_struck:

Where is the link to the fundraiser? I couldn’t find it