Largest UK survey on employee ownership and worker co-ops

Independent think tank Ownership at Work, are launching “the largest employee ownership (EO) and worker co-operative sector research project ever undertaken in the UK.”

Well its the first I’ve heard of it!

But would be good for worker co-ops to respond, just bear with the fact its clearly written with employee owned businesses in mind.

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I was asked to fill this in for Suma, and its telling that when asked the conversation was about worker/employee owned, but the email with the survey didnt even mention worker coops, and the survey barely does, and the questions make it difficult to fill in, even though worker coops answers will make their results look better. It was forwarded on to me, through conversations Ownership at Work were having with the work of people on the Ownership Hub. I’d be interested if anyone, worker coop wise, has been involved in that or seen results, it seems its providing results for employee ownership but little for coops, but I havent been directly involved, so interested if others have seen or know differently.

Yeah, I started filling that in but it seemed so different from the co-op world that I gave up. We don’t have employees, and the questions didn’t have boxes to explain any nuance.

I haven’t started on it yet, and before I try to toil through it (and possibly give up too) I wonder if we should formally raise a collective concern about them including co-ops but not bothering to make it directly relevant to co-ops?

Who (literally, the person) is the source of this or responsible - anyone know?

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