Looking to join efforts with other freelancers/coops

Hi coopers! I am a freelancer looking to join efforts with other existing coops/freelancers dedicated to the consultancy/auditing/management of environmental and social development. I do have enough workload for myself, and I can share some of it as convenient and seek for further workload for the group if appealing. I am also open to do skills-sharing in both directions…

I do collaborate in other (non work related) coops.



Hi Elizabeth,
I and John, and I work with the CDB worker Co-op, Cooperative Assistance Network (CAN) and I am our lead on social and environmental assessment, accounting and audit. it would be great to share some thoughts and see where it might lead. My email is john@assist.coop I look forward to hearing from you


Hi Elizabeth. If you want to set up a freelancers co-op (go on! go on! go on!) I set out a basic “How to” in this guide in 2015. If/once you find other freelancers and agree to go ahead with setting up a co-op then you could book in a free Co-op Conversation with folks from this federation or contact me on nathan@culture.coop There is more guidance and may even be free support available through Co-operatives UK. There will be more resources from workers.coop available over time.


Thank you Nathan! I have taken note of your guidance!


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In case it helps to this community,
following my research I have found these three worker’s coops dedicated to climate change / sustainability / environmental development and social development. They were listed in the web https://www.uk.coop/ :


https://cagconsultants.co.uk/recruitment (they were publicly looking for new partners back in Jan 2023)


Happy to keep feeding this chat on this topic and to hear the opinions out there.




If there’s any demand for skills relating to GIS/remote sensing/cartography, I’d be keen to discuss. I’ve a background in geomatics and environmental monitoring, and have long been looking to apply my skills cooperatively.

Hi Matt

Thanks for your interest. For practicality in the long term, would you be willing to share your contact details (i.e. email, phone) to have them on my radar? The Workers.coop shows only your username there and may be easily buried along the time among the many conversations. My contact details are elisabethgomeza@gmail.com 07540466421 in case it helps, since this is a small and conscious group of people I would think it is fine and permitted to do so.

Also, I have just discovered this coop in our sector, and the only one for now… GIS/remote sensing/cartography is something that comes my way from time to time ony but they may be more involved in it. I am planning to contact them to also apply my skills cooperatively, and I would suggest they can be also a good “friend” in your case.


Hi Elisabeth,

Thanks, I’ll follow up your lead and also send you an email with my contact details (this area of the forum is visible to the general public/data miners).