Looking to join efforts with other freelancers/coops

Hi coopers! I am a freelancer looking to join efforts with other existing coops/freelancers dedicated to the consultancy/auditing/management of environmental and social development. I do have enough workload for myself, and I can share some of it as convenient and seek for further workload for the group if appealing. I am also open to do skills-sharing in both directions…

I do collaborate in other (non work related) coops.



Hi Elizabeth,
I and John, and I work with the CDB worker Co-op, Cooperative Assistance Network (CAN) and I am our lead on social and environmental assessment, accounting and audit. it would be great to share some thoughts and see where it might lead. My email is john@assist.coop I look forward to hearing from you


Hi Elizabeth. If you want to set up a freelancers co-op (go on! go on! go on!) I set out a basic “How to” in this guide in 2015. If/once you find other freelancers and agree to go ahead with setting up a co-op then you could book in a free Co-op Conversation with folks from this federation or contact me on nathan@culture.coop There is more guidance and may even be free support available through Co-operatives UK. There will be more resources from workers.coop available over time.

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Thank you Nathan! I have taken note of your guidance!


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In case it helps to this community,
following my research I have found these three worker’s coops dedicated to climate change / sustainability / environmental development and social development. They were listed in the web https://www.uk.coop/ :


https://cagconsultants.co.uk/recruitment (they were publicly looking for new partners back in Jan 2023)


Happy to keep feeding this chat on this topic and to hear the opinions out there.