Mapping the Heartbeat of Preston: A Start of Grassroots Revolution

The city of Preston is more than its landmarks; it’s a tapestry of community assets lovingly woven by its people. Imagine a digital platform driven by the community that captures the essence of this community spirit. Mapping the Heartbeat of Preston to the journey of YourMap, a revolutionary project aiming to spotlight Preston’s true heroes—its local assets!

In an age dominated by high-tech solutions, YourMap turns the spotlight onto something more organic: human connections and community resources. The venture, a collaborative feat involving Brookfield Space Place, UCLan, and NewsSocial, started as a simple yet audacious idea—to map out the city’s living, breathing assets, one ward at a time, supported by Preston City Council and advice from Mondragon Corporation.

The Challenge and Triumphs

Finding locals who intimately understand the heartbeat of their wards was no easy task. Yet, our group of intrepid citizen researchers took to the streets, mapping out community riches in areas of affluence and deprivation alike. They did not just look for buildings or establishments; they identified ‘assets’ as individuals, groups, activities, facilities, and even beauty spots.

From activists to caregivers, from tech-savvy to tech-challenged, our citizen researchers varied as much as the wards they surveyed. Yet they had one thing in common—a commitment to elevating Preston’s community fabric.

Digital Footprints on the Sand of Community

The YourMap platform doesn’t intend to be just an asset inventory. As it evolves, it will encapsulate the history, ongoing initiatives, and future opportunities for each ward. With 2,287 visits within the first month and minimal promotion, the platform is already turning heads.

Join the Mapping Revolution

After cataloging an astonishing 297 assets and gaining the insights of 12 committed citizen researchers, the YourMap project is not slowing down. It’s aiming higher—to transform into a live, dynamic tool for a community-driven decision-making and wealth-building.

So, how can you become part of this groundbreaking endeavor? Whether you are an individual or represent an organization, there’s room for everyone in this community tapestry. Because every thread matters in weaving the complete picture of Preston’s vibrant community.

:point_right: Take Action Now: Support the YourMap project by visiting the platform, contributing your local insights, and sharing this incredible story. Let’s put Preston on the map, not just as dots and lines, but as a living, breathing community.

It looks like this is based on Google Maps? Did you consider using OpenStreetMap as an alternative at any stage in the project?

Thanks Chris, We did not use Google Maps in fact but our own NewsSocial platform an imaging software, Thinglink. We have to move to something like OpenStreetMap in the next phase. Will welcome any hints on using it.

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I’d suggest contacting Colm at the Digital Commons Co-operative:

They have recently used OpenStreetMap data for the new global .coop map.

Thanks. I have actually contacted Colm and Co. a couple of weeks back and waiting for their response!

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Looks to me like it’s using Ordnance Survey base mapping, something like OS Open Zoomstack. :nerd_face:

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