Merch/stuff for Co-op Fortnight - ideas?

Hi all. The Communications group are discussing merch and resources to create and print for Co-op Fortnight (19th June-2nd). Obviously a bit pressed for time but the idea is to ensure we have some kind of visual presence as and resources members can share. As it will be our first Co-op Fortnight separate to Co-ops UK, it’s a good opportunity to raise our profile, mobilise and celebrate worker co-ops specifically.

The Comms group ask for your feedback over the next week on what kind of merch/resources you are all keen on. The idea is to throw the net wide to generate ideas and feedback from everyone, whilst bearing in mind that the budget for this is limited as well as time. Anything there’s no time/budget for can be saved for future e.g. Worker Coop Weekend event.

Audience wise the primary group we discussed needing materials was worker co-op members and their communities (this ties nicely in with ‘rewards’ to our existing & joining members and warm leads early on and shows we’re a thing).

Ideas so far:

  • Stickers / A pack of 8 stickers
  • Leaflets about worker co-ops (informative)
  • A fold out poster
  • Logo Window sticker/decal (for shop fronts)
  • T-shirts (other than the ones already printed)
  • Other items such as a Snood, wooden pin badge, bookmarks, postcards

Ideas & feedback welcome!

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Enamel pin badge would be great - or wood as you suggest. T-shirts too.

I always thought some kind of biggish, nice looking poster that explains what a worker co-op is in non weird/jargony language would be really useful particularly for any co-ops that have premises that the public visit (e.g. shops, cafes)

I don’t know if its a bit short notice but if we could get some tshirts before 16th June that’d be amazing

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Are there plans for a banner or two?

Thanks @samnord and everyone. I can mobilise Calverts designers next week to put designs together, but content is everything - so if anyone has ideas for slogans/messages for stickers, imagery for a poster(s), etc please pile in. Otherwise I will be drafting and the content will be inferred from the type of messages, narratives and statement of objects/purposes we’ve been promoting over the last year, with our members in mind but also to appeal/provoke more widely.

There is no actual agreed or available budget for this, so we’ll need to be clever, but Calverts will do it on a very subsidised basis.


I expect others will have some better sticker slogan suggestions…

All Power to the Workers!

Workers Control, Workers Power, Workers Co-ops!

Workers Autonomy, Workers Liberty, Workers Co-ops!

Workers of the World, Co-operate!

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You mean like a vinyl banner for a table font or wall? With eyelets and stuff? Might be one for the Congress in the autumn…

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I commissioned this illustration for Solidfund from Matthew Brazier, which has never been used really in print - what do people think about it as the graphic for a B2 (70cm x 50cm) poster, with or without the ‘dynamic lines’? Solidfund doesn’t own it! The words on the gear wheel in the middle are ‘The emancipation of workers is the task of the workers themselves’ :slight_smile: We could use sections from it for other stuff like the leaflet, stickers, etc

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Also there may be time to redesign/write new intro copy and print a quick edition of the Worker Co-op Code under branding in time for the fortnight, as well as a bunch of different A7 stickers, a poster, etc. Ideas for slogans/memes?