NextCloud home screens - what people new to NextCloud see

hi - copying this across from Digital Infrastructure group as i think this is probably where i should have put it in the first place:



Hi all - i’ve been trying to help the mobilisation team get onto NextCloud and have been quite confused about who can see what (most of them couldn’t see anything shared, which has now been rectified). After some help from Michael Unicorn and Chris WebArch, here is my proposal:

That when anyone arrives at their default home screen/directory thing, they should be able to see the following folders:
— ZZ Personal docs & Nextcloud info (which contains all the default folders & docs you can currently see)
— AA General Shared Docs (which contains all the docs and shared folders that are currently in ‘Workers’ and anything else in the future)
— any team folders that are visible to them because they’ve been added to a particular group.


  1. Is it possible to change the defaults to match this?
  2. Is it possible that everything created (groups/folders/docs) doesn’t have Chris’ avatar/label on it, even though he hasn’t created it? That’s pretty confusing too.

Thanks lovely tech people :slight_smile:

@leedscath could you let me know if in creating the “General Group” and having users automatically added to this group upon creation helps to solve this.

Users should see their personal files and folders along with any “Shares” they have usually upon loading the files section of Nextcloud along with being accessible via the shares link on the left hand side.


We could customise the default files and directories that are created for new users, perhaps if a shared directory could be created for the default files then I could look at updating the Ansible role used to provision Nextcloud to add a variable for this path.

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@liam partly it does - the other part of the problem is not being able to see the wood for the trees with so many unnecessary personal folders and NextCloud docs cluttering up the initial view. The fewer of those there are creating confusion, the better.
@chris solution covers that i think.
cheers both :slight_smile:

Thanks @leedscath, let me know when a folder exists with the files and folder that you want new users to have copied on account creation.