Pitch a training session to workers.coop

workers.coop is scaling up its online learning programme. Our proposition is to offer 2 hr online sessions on topics relevant to worker co-ops, delivered by worker co-ops.

These will be priced to members at £50+VAT and non-members at £100+VAT.

We are offering any trainer a 50/50 split on tickets sales.

We will provide:

  • Hosting and marketing through www.workers.coop/events and our usual channels.
  • Delegate management and taking payments, providing you with updates and final attendees list.
  • Reminders to attendees 48hrs and 2hrs prior to the training with any information or pre-reading you give us
  • A post event follow up email with satisfaction survey (we will send you a summary of the feedback)
  • Pay your invoice promptly once the training is complete for 50% of the ticket sales
  • Provide a zoom account if needed, but free to use your own platform

You will provide

  • A high value 2hr online training session on a topic relevant to worker co-ops.
  • Description of session and text for pre and post session email communication
  • Keep an attendance register and provide feedback to us post session
  • An inclusive, safe space for workers to learn, share and flourish

Next steps

All pitches will go to our member learning group, we will pick those that are the most promising and have a follow-up conversation with you.

There is no specific deadline for this, its an experiment we will start exploring pitches as soon as we get them at our fortnightly meetings. This will evolve over time based on how these experiments go.

Deadline for submissions?

There is no dealine, I’ve seen this as a bit of an open process. Our next meeting is on the 14th March though so whatever we get before then I will put to the member learning group and then at each fortnightly meeting after that assuming they come in, we take on a case by case basis.