Podcast season focusing on cooperatives

Apologies for the cross-post from CoTech! WAO is starting our new season of the Tao of WAO. With principle 5 in mind and CoTech’s response to the hub-bub in the tech industry , we’re noodling on a more in-depth look at some of the complexity around cooperatives.

Our last season focused on learning and we had wonderful guests sharing a wide range of expertise. We want to do something similar and are wondering – does anyone here want to be a guest? What ideas do you have for topics?

We’re interested in showcasing the diversity of this community, so a special request and callout to those of you who do not identify as cis/white/males. You’re very welcome to respond to this thread or ping me in private!


We’ve just released Episode 04 of our co-op focused Tao of WAO season. This one is super interesting because @AthertonJohn is super interesting!

The audio is here: Stream episode S06 Episode 04: Coop Economy by Tao of WAO podcast | Listen online for free on SoundCloud
But we’re also doing transcripts now: S06 E04 - Co-op Economy - Learn with We Are Open Co-op

Hope you enjoy it!


Just listened to your episodes and shared the last one with John, nice talk. best