Reply link not appearing

Hi @JoSEA which other thread?

The thread

This is what I have, could you post a screenshot of how the thread looks to you?

VERY weirdly, it has just shown up! I really wish I had screenshotted it before. Do you think it was because it is a new account? Strange that it showed the reply button on the welcome thread straight away but not this other one.

Thanks for your support and response!

It was because when your account was first created it had a Trust level of 1, I increased it to level 3, this is required for the Movement building category:

I’ve edited the top category post to add a little text to explain this:

Apols this was me, we weren’t sure if movement building should be member only or not, I’ve put it so everyone can reply, but also jo made you a member as SEA I think has joinied

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I also assumed that!