Sheffield and South Yorkshire Socials

From 6pm on Tuesday 21st November 2023 we are going to have a evening at the Gardeners Rest a co-op owned pub in Neepsend, Sheffield, @DanHolden is going to come from Unicorn and perhaps combine it with an afternoon visit to Beanies and Lembas.

Then at, yet to be determined, date in the New Year @leedscath is going to organise a South Yorkshire social at A Commune in the North / Bentley Urban Farm / Twisted Skate Park.

Organising these events and calling in to Beanies and Lembas to get posters put up were the tasks I said I’d take on in the closing session of the gathering in Birmingham yesterday.


@samnord has posted an event for the Tuesday 21st November 2023 Sheffield workers co-op social on the main WordPress site:

Hi Chris, hope this went well, and apologies for not managing to get there myself.

Actually i reckon the January event could be Yorkshire-wide - would love to welcome worker co-operators from near and far to Doncaster Skate Co-op, with optional visit to Bentley Urban Farm.

All we have to do now is come up with the date… we’re on it, honest gov.