The times they are a changing (policy updates)

Hi All, The Communications policy has now been implemented, that changes a number of things including who can access documents and how we communiate internally. What does this mean:

On NextCloud ( and this forum we now have three levels of permissions:

  • Registered user - Individuals just interested in us

These people can only see public areas: News, Jobs, Questions, etc

  • Member - People who are a worker/member of one of our enterprise members
  • Worker Member - People “giving their labour”, ie involved in a working groups

These people get access to the “General Group” on the Forum and the “General” Folder on Nextcloud. Worker Members get to access everything in their working groups and some other shared operational resources.

If you think you should have Member or Worker Member Access and don’t request access using those links or contact @AthertonJohn

If you can’t access stuff on Nextcloud you used to be able to do, it maybe becuase you haven’t registered for our Single-SignOn. Again contact @AthertonJohn for access.

The General Folder in Nextcloud contains:

  • Active consultations
  • All approved internal policies, guides and our operational handbook
  • Agenda, notes and actions for all working groups
  • Financial information (when its ready…)
  • All legal docs like our rule book member and directors registers etc

General Group on Forum contains:

  • Reports and updates - place for working groups to share info with other working groups
  • General Meetings and Strategy - place to discuss broader strategy and preparing for General Meetings etc
  • Worker Members - place for just worker members to communicate and coordinate outside of coordination group meetings etc
  • Each indiviudal working group has its own private sub-group for internal dicussions and organising