Vacancy for React Redux Developer Job Description by the NewsSocial Cooperative

React Redux Developer Job Description
August 2023 2020
NewsSocial cooperative develops digital platforms for group-ideation and problem solving by social-business networks and changemakers in society. NewsSocial continues to innovate through empowering changemakers, principally cooperatives and community organisations, to solve developmental challenges rapidly through moderated dialogues and purposeful on-line debate, generating valuable knowledge leading to improved business communications, community improvement and wealth generation.
NewsSocial is also currently involved in providing the platform for community asset mapping as part of community wealth building in Preston, a key component of the Preston Model.
The candidate should have great teamwork spirit, supportive of cooperative principles, good communication skills, be proficient in English, and have acute attention to detail. Being self-motivated and able to take initiatives is equally imperative for gaining intricate knowledge of NewsSocial’s products quickly. Moreover, the candidate should be committed to deadlines, respect punctuality at work, and be able to work under pressure when needed.
In the project, the current NewsSocial platform is being updated and extended with support for moderated mobile video debates and discussions for opinion-forming and decision-making
Within the project we shall develop, integrate and pilot the required functionality; we are upgrading the existing platform from Node v9.3 and we shall set up a staging environment and prepare for future deployments using appropriate tools, e.g. Terraform. In his README in Bitbucket the original lead architect for NewsSocial wrote:
“The code should be straight-forward if you are familiar with React and Redux. We used the same stack for the admin and end-user apps for consistency. The stack was carefully selected to support some things that were pretty difficult to achieve (at least at that time):

  • full server-side render with async data
  • code-splitting and async loading
  • routing sync’d with redux state
  • hot reload”
    The successful candidate will need to comprehend the codebase well in order to maintain, update and extend it.
    Skills and Experience required
    The successful candidate will have 3+ years full development lifecycle experience, probably test-driven development and most likely a good understanding of architectural and deployment issues relating to scalability.
    Experience required:
  • React / Redux dev experience essential
  • Full stack JavaScript development, ES6
  • node.js and npm, webpack
  • MongoDB + Mongoose
  • Useful services: e.g.,
  • Bitbucket and Jira
  • AWS, EC2 ECS, Docker, Pipelines,

Experience desired:

  • Knowledge of social and integration with Twitter and Facebook.
  • Experience of Node upgrades
  • Internationalisation: I18n and orientation (English and Arabic)
  • Terraform “infrastructure as code”
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics
  • nginx configuration
  • unix/linux

For further information please write to Ali Al-Assam on

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