We Make Tomorrow conference in London 28th Jan

Hi all,

I thought London people might be interested in attending this and representing workers.coop and the perspective of workers control in this trade union dominated space around discussions on the Green Transitions. I may be able to go but it’s an outside chance as I’m not sure if it fits with my work, however if someone local can make it I can provide a connection to the organisers and people were happy to have a cooperative presence at the last one.


Unfortunately I’m away that weekend, but I’ll ask around. @Sion, @electrovolk would you be up for it?

@seanfarmelo @Caleb @electrovolk yes I could go, depending on how the sessions are timed and who else can come I’d propose to participate in the Care session or the Transport session or both?

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Thanks for mentioning me @Caleb I won’t be going.