Website, phase 1 launched!

Our website has had a lick of paint, so check out the look and feel. This is just phase one and we will be moving onto more functinal improvements like our events listing, directory of worker coops, resource library over the coming months. Thanks to the hard work of our Our Comms group who have been working with

Any feedback much appreciated, by all means post it here.


Just a note to say that I found the ‘sign in’ button at the top right of the home page a bit confusing as it takes you to the wordpress sign in page. I assumed that it would be signing me into the bit that I use as an end user (i.e. the forum).

Obvs it isn’t a problem for me now as I know to go to the forum and sign in there but to avoid future confusion for new members you may wish to consider removing it. I would assume that anyone who needs to log into the wordpress park doesn’t need a link to do that.

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Good feedback, we are going to have member only content on the website and the ability for members to log-in to book onto events etc. So need to signal better about what they are logging into. We have created a SSO process so my direct that button to that.