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It’s friday :partying_face: and I have a bit of a side project, I’ve been mullying over. No worker co-op is the best at everything. But which worker co-ops are particuarly good at one specific element of being a worker co-op?

Could I interview them and share their comparative advantage with others?

So I have two questions:

What does a worker co-op need to be really good at?
My list below, do you agree? do have have different ones?

  • Building a shared vision and team - Which worker coops right from the start new what they wanted, got the right intial group of people together and got on with it.

  • Effective organising (meetings?) - Whose really good at the tactical and operational decision making to run day-to-day in a low hierarchy organisation.

  • Bossing with no boss - Whose really good a delegation, distriubting power, holding people to account.

  • Getting paid and rewarding work - Whose really good at paying themselves well and fairly,

  • Diversity of thought (conflict resolution > action). - Whose really good at getting that balance right of giving everyone a voice, working with disagreements and not getting stuck in intertia of inaction?

  • Recruitment and growth Whose really good at recruitment, getting and keeping the right people and skills to grow in the way they want to grow. Building a culture that works.

  • Making the capital work for labour - Whose is great and making money, using it effectively to re-invest in the “needs” of the whole membership.

Now the much harder question…

Which worker co-ops are really good at one of these elements?
Either post below, or private message me if your modest.

I think we’ve got the first five on lock over at fractals. We’re not currenty looking to grow but we’ve just re-worked the way we do forward planning and setting longer runways for investing in members’ needs other than regular salary so we are stepping into that last one, too.

Are these questions for something specific?


Not sure at this moment, maybe a long form article or series of articles. Maybe starting a new blog, or maybe future interviews for our new podcast “Punchcard”

Ah! Cool. We’re up for chats about this stuff anytime, even if it’s not for A Thing. We’re really enjoying how we’re working through things and love to share.

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