Worker co-op weekend: 17th - 19th May 2024

Hi All… another camper van person here. I am assuming that a VW T6 Camper van should be fine as it is no wider than a largish SUV type car. Please confirm.

WITH REGARDS TO LIFTS… I am wary of using a private vehicle that is only insured for leisure use (commuting permitted) for business use. I am sure that sharing lifts is a grey area, but I will be attending for work, as I suspect other attendees will be doing.

Yep campers vans are fine, just pay the camping ticket rates when you book

John, @Chris, what do you think about keeping the event pages after the events have happened? Right now I’m seeing this on the WCW page, but there are a lot of links pointing to the page from other sites:

Sorry, due to an error, we are unable to fulfill your request at the moment. You may want to contact your administrator or service provider with more details about what action you were performing when this occurred.

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This is one for @Graham as it is a CiviCRM issue as far as I’m aware, I agree that it would be better if past event pages still existed after the event has happened, because cool URI’s don’t change.

Past events don’t get deleted or unpublished automatically. It looks like a site administrator - @AthertonJohn perhaps - has adopted a practice of deactivating past events, which seems not unreasonable. I’ve - temporarily - re-activated the worker co-op weekend event and the event information page can be viewed at -
If people prefer that past events remain published, and I’d tend to agree that it might be a preferable approach from an SEO perspective, it’s simple to just not deactivate. I’m pretty sure that the CRM by default won’t let someone register for a past event, but in any case it’s also simple to set an end date for online registrations.

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Yeah thats right, unforunately I don’t know how to get them to dispear from the listing with out unpublishing in civi which removes the page entirely.


Got you. That’s silly. The listing should be filtering based on event start date rather than whether it is active or not. One for

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Can you email @alanpeart about this @graham — he doesn’t follow this forum. Thanks.

And if we’re talking about the UI, the main menu looks to be broken - I think the addition of the ‘podcasts’ item at the top level has forced the main menu on to two lines.

Also, possibly unrelated, the main menu, when collapsed into “< Menu” isn’t working - for me at least. If I click to expand it I would expect to see the menu items and I’m just getting white space. I’d also argue that the breakpoint where the menu collapses should be at a narrower point if it’s meant to be targeted at mobile users (although I accept that is more of a subjective issue).

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This navigation menu issue might be best raised with @alanpeart in a direct email as he doesn’t follow this forum?

I’ll contact tomorrow as need to talk about other bits anyway. Thx for spotting.

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I manage the Events listings and I hide events after they have passed, so does John by the sounds of it. I manually disable events after they have passed. The two options are ENABLE/DISABLE. This makes them dissapear. (My rule of thumb is keep 1 past event up unless very old.)

I was wondering why the WCW event came back, I again disabled it because I thought it hadn’t worked the first time. It’s useful to have these discussions here.

There is a way to keep the event live without it appearing. That’s by un-selecting ‘public event’. Unless that button is pressed, the event doesn’t show on the webpage (but bear in mind there is a lag, un-selecting, saving then you have to wait a few minutes for the change to show).

I’ve just re-enabled the Worker Co-op Weekend event now, and un-selected public event so it doesn’t show in the listing. You can test that here’s the page.

Having said all this, from my point of view it’s easier managing events when they’re disabled/enabled because it’s easy and quick to find the live event you’re looking for as they’re colour coded.

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I got feedback from @Caleb that he couldnt’ see the main menu at all, it was completley blank. Chris, Liam and I checked this during the All Hands and it seemed to look/work fine for us.

Anyway, we’d like to remove the Podcast from the main menu, and stick it in - was it News - @AthertonJohn @Caleb ?

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The Worker Co-op Weekend event listing has been made public again -guessing someone changed it for a reason so will leave it? It makes our event page look out of date though…

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That is not good, does un-selecting “public event”, as you did previously, solve this?

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Unselecting ‘active event’ and ‘public event’ seems to remove it. Not sure which of those has that affect or both in tandem.

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This sounds like an issue for @Graham or perhaps @alanpeart .