Worker co-op weekend: 17th - 19th May 2024

The worker co-op weekend is back as usual, 17the - 19th May, at Thornbridge Outdoors, Bakewell (near Sheffield). The event page is up now, bookings will open once we finalise sponsorship so can set ticket prices. But do save the date and start adding your suggestions for the programme either in this document or in this post below.

We currently talking to Veggies about catering and will be approaching one or two of the wholesalers to support with food. There has already been a request about Childcare options so if anyone has a viable funded solution to this I’m open to ideas.


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Is the whole site booked for the weekend?

No, the Farm house, teepees and camping site

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Excellent that should be plenty, to save people navigating the Thornbridge web site I’ve attached the PDF plans of the facilities and site map.

thornbridge-site-map.pdf (3.5 MB)
Teepee-Site-Plan.pdf (33.1 KB)
Base-Camp-Floor-Plan.pdf (250.5 KB)
farm-room-plan.pdf (263.4 KB)

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Ever supportive have agreed to sponsor the Weekend


John, you mentioned international speakers in another thread. What kind of speakers do you have in mind?

In this context, probably US or EU both Sam and I have visited th US to see worker co-ops, and Sion has lots of EU contacts. But really it only works if they are coming to the UK anyway, as we can’t afford to pay internaitonal expenses.

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Is there space for vans? Cat from media co-op has a small van she stays in (that may transport 3 of us from Scotland) and is asking … so fingers crossed.

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Do we have any rough idea of per person cost yet ? All going well we’d have 1 in van, 2 camping and possibly 1 in the least rugged accommodation. Will workers on working groups pay same attendance fee as anyone else? I need to work out a ballpark figure ASAP to work out how many we can bring and get it cemented into our annual budget next week.

There’s a car park, but you do have to drive through the castle gates if I remember correctly which are pretty narrow and a rented van wing mirror got damaged on last time I was there! So if it’s super boxy I would call and ask the dimensions.

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Thanks Sean, it’s a pretty standard van. I’m assuming they’re okay with people camping in their vans?

I reckon you’ll be fine yeah. I’m sure people did that when I went there last time :slight_smile:

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I’m thinking of cycling given the excellent cycle access to the venue. I’ll be coming from the west. Would be great to have some company!