Society Secretary

We incorporated Limited in October 2022 and are now in a position to separate out the activities of Society Secretary. We are therefore looking for an existing Society Secretary from one of our worker co-op or co-op development body organisations interested in taking on a service contract to provide this capacity.

This contract is initially for 26 days (£175 day rate) over the next 6 months but with an expectation this will be extended up-to and beyond our first AGM that will need to take place by Spring 2024.

You’ll collaborate with the federation’s paid project coordinator, Board and wider membership of worker co-ops.


Our Board has been operating effectively for the last 6 months and prior to this as the Worker Co-op Council. Although we have put in place the foundations for good governance, and the legal systems required, we are moving into a new phase.

With the need for our founding Board to stand down, run our first Director Elections and AGM alongside continuing to build on good governance practice we recognise the need for more dedicated and experienced capacity in this area.

Below are the areas we are expecting support to include:


  • Our Board meets monthly for 2 hours.The Society Secretary will attend and support the Board.
  • Working with the Chair on Agenda setting, ensuring meetings dates are set, papers prepared and sent in a timely manner. All meetings take place online and papers shared digitally via NextCloud.
  • Able to understand and provide advice on our rulebook and Society legislation and guidance and required.


  • We need to finalise and implement this process for conducting Director elections in time for our first AGM.
  • Create Directors role profile and the process for inviting, checking for eligibility and electing Directors in line with good co-operative governance guidelines.


  • Ensure our first AGM, likely to take place within a larger event, follows good governance practices and fulfils our legal requirements.
  • Ensure pre event processes such as liaising with accountants and auditors if required and post even filing of accounts and paper work with the FCA.


  • Ensure our Member and Directors Register and related administrative tasks are carried out.
  • The federation is a collaborative, member-driven network. We use traditional, 1-member-1-vote democracy for high level decisions reserved for the General Meeting and Board election. On the operational and policy side, we are sociocratic, working through linked circles (working groups) that employ consent-based decision making. A working understanding of sociocractic culture is therefore desirable.
  • There is the additional need for the Secretary to ensure our wider range of member co-ops, worker members and supporters have the correct access rights and permissions to engage with the federation’s Forums and documents. The Society Secretary will oversee this process.


John Atherton
07790 556007
or email @AthertonJohn

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