Workshop/talk request from our friend Cilla Ross

Copying this email from Cilla Ross, anyone up for this? If so I can put you in touch:

I am co-chair of Lipman Miliband Trust and in that context, I will be doing something on political /worker education at the New Organising Conference at the University of Nottingham in July.

However John Page also asked me to send the following text and landing page around, to see if anyone would be interested in offering workshops - joining with me on facilitating one etc. etc.

In theory, I’ve said I’d be prepared to do something on co-ops (though I’m no expert) and to frame that through prioritising collective/democratic approaches to the economy and work, workers control, worker coops and union coops. It’s very much facilitating at what is a very vibrant and ‘different’ gathering. (worker agency assumed!) See here:


Introducing the first New Organising Conference - Red Pepper

Please contact me if you are interested and hope this finds you all well.

Cheers, Cilla

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Would a session run by Cilla make sense for the Workers Co-op Weekend?

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I asked her (said I would do a swap) but she’s away over WCW

I’m interested in this. I’d like to see greater cross over with unions and coops.

Do we think this falls under mobilising working groups remit? I could take it to the meeting and see what they have to say about it

Also do we know if it is a paid gig?

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Not paid. Someone from the uk union:coops group will speak I’m sure, but they don’t have much knowledge of contemporary worker coop organising,, etc

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Alex from union-coops:uk has attended the Workers Co-op Weekend in the past, hopefully some people will be able to attend this year, I think more working together and a session at Thornbridge would be good, more info on their site.

I’d Be interested… and generally interested in possibly putting together a conversation/workshop.

Hannah do you want to email me and Sion and we can organise a time to chat? -,