Cooperation and IT Conference in Russia

Rad Cop is preparing a conference on IT security and cooperation, CoopDays. It will take place from the 3rd to the 6th of November in the Moscow region, Russia. Besides IT-related topics, we plan to discuss cooperation: how to create and manage a cooperative, how to tell people about cooperation, how to create networks and other cooperative structures.

We are looking for speakers who can share their experiences about cooperation. You can speak online or attend the conference in person. We can provide English-Russian interpretation for speakers.

You can also come as a guest, we will provide food and accommodation for all foreign visitors. We can also find you a guide to translate the main ideas of other speeches. Unfortunately, we can’t cover your travel expenses.

If you have an interesting topic to talk about, please contact me before the 14th of September.

@AthertonJohn @leedscath @samnord If you know someone who could be a speaker, would you please share this announcement with them? Here is our public email for sharing outside the forum:

Update: Please check out the link in the second message from Chris!

It sounds like it’ll be an interesting conference!

This probably isn’t an option for people in the UK:

FCDO continues to advise British nationals against all travel to Russia.

Russia travel advice - GOV.UK

Hi @yuliy let’s discuss, I have emailed you this morning

Thank you Chris, I agree that security should be one of the main concerns. And we can host a speaker via video conferencing.

I think everyone should consider their personal risks before travelling to other countries.

@Sion, thank you, I have sent a reply.

For anyone who is thinking of attending from a state that has Russian sanctions I’d suggest to check if attendance, even if is only virtual, would contravene the sanctions — legal experts are probably required to answer this question?

This is a great idea, thank you! Here is a list of “unfriendly countries” and related restrictions:

Are there any legal experts in I will have a word with the legal experts I know.

Guidance on UK sanctions regulations and their effect
UK Foreign Office advice against UK people travelling to Russia
In most cases, anyone travelling would likely not be insurable, and would not be able to rely on consular assistance if they got into difficulties.