Report on the results of the cooperation think tank

Following the think tank discussions and collaboration at the Coop Days 2023 conference, I have prepared a report. Please note that there are eight thematic parts and about 6000 words in total.

The report is here.

Here is the list of topics:

  1. Inequality of ability and its impact on working relationships in self-managed organizations;
  2. Equal rights of those who wish to participate in governance in the context of establishing supra-organizational structures of self-governing organizations;
  3. Cooperation as a global universal trend, its development and spread;
  4. Local grassroot processes that support cooperation and methods to improve cooperation;
  5. Cooperative forms of ownership and resource management of cooperatives;
  6. Cooperatives and their relationship to capital and to economic activity;
  7. Cooperatives vs. hierarchical capitalist organizations: how to attract and retain conscious workers;
  8. Ethical, thinking, and communication skills of a cooperator.

There is a citation link in the top right-hand corner of the page, next to the title, where you can find various citation options for referencing the report.


Thanks Yuliy, interesting… I like the disclaimer: “Because this is a list of propositions grouped by similarity, the text may look strange, as if some logical transitions are missing.” :slight_smile: