Difficulty finding the SIGN UP button on workers.coop

Just a bit of feedback on the website. I was sending out some emails to prospective members and when I was trying to find the “sign up” button I didn’t find it particularly intuitive or obvious where it was.

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ditto just now, cath

There is a Button ‘Join Us’ top right

Thx, are you access via mobile? on a PC there is I hope a fairly obvious “join us” Black Button on the top right, as well as primary menu item “membership”.

But I haven’t done any proper user research to see what people are actually looking at or doing.

The menu is collapsed by default on a mobile, I’d suggest adding some text containing a “join us” hyperlink to the body of the front page and perhaps also to others, I suspect that people only tend to look for a navigation menu if they can’t immediately see what they are looking for in the body of a page.

See what you mean, i’ve passed on to the web designers to see if we can make it more obvious on mobile. Thx for feedback

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This is basically what I meant, but it seems I wasn’t very clear

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button is on top right …